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9 February, 2016 - 10:19 By Kate Sweeney

International success for Cambridge Marketing College

Kiran Kapur, Director of International, CMC

The Cambridge reputation for excellence in education has helped local college Cambridge Marketing College (CMC) to break new ground in international markets.

For the first time, CMC has begun teaching classes in India from its base in Mumbai.

In the next fortnight, students will submit their first assignments to the UK to be assessed for the International Diploma in Marketing Practice that has been devised by the College.

This move comes shortly after agreeing a deal with Amsterdam Business School to teach classes in The Netherlands, including the new digital marketing courses, and a deal recently signed with a French publishing house.

It has also set up a study centre in Dubai, while Germany, Iran and Indonesia are three more markets where the college has succeeded, using tutors travelling from the UK.

Kiran Kapur, Director of International at CMC (pictured above) said: “Our brand ambassadors located in each territory keep us close to the market and ensure that we understand the needs of each region and tailor our courses appropriately.”

The college is no stranger to international teaching: in a typical year, it has delegates from around 40 countries and has taught marketers from Azerbaijan to Zambia.

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