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8 January, 2019 - 11:12 By Tony Quested

US backers help epigenetics business raise £1.12m

Chronomics, a pioneering health-tech innovation business which recently launched the world’s first consumer epigenetic testing kit, has raised over £1.12 million seed capital in a key scale-up round.

The round included significant investment from venture investment firm Anthemis – based in Europe and New York – and follow on funding from New Jersey-based SOSV, one of the world’s most active early stage biotech investors.

The four founders of Chronomics are leading in their respective fields. Dr Tom Stubbs and Daniel Herranz worked at the forefront of epigenetics research at the University of Cambridge, where they collaborated with Dr Toby Call, a bioenergy and industrial biotechnology expert, to define the first models. 

The team brought on board Charles Ball whose extensive commercial experience has helped to explain the intricacies of epigenetic science to the public.

Chronomics seeks to revolutionise attitudes towards health management, from a generalist and reactive approach, to one that is personalised and proactive. 

Through a unique epigenetic saliva test, Chronomics profiles specific lifestyle and environmental indicators to provide accurate insights into a person’s health – such as their biological age, metabolic status, and the impact of smoke exposure on the body.

Bill Liao, venture partner with SOSV, said: “We have always been interested in the DNA testing space, and Chronomics is the first company that we have discovered that radically departs from the ‘once in a lifetime’ test business model, to a subscription. 

“It actually shows how your epigenome changes over time, why that matters and what to do about it! What's more, it's in an area completely untapped in terms of consumer access.”

CEO and founder Dr Tom Stubbs added: “Reaching £1.12 million in seed funding is a momentous milestone for Chronomics, having just launched the company last year. 

“Receiving the support of prominent backers reflects their confidence in our company, and our vision of a future of personalised and proactive health management.”

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