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1 May, 2014 - 10:58 By Tony Quested

Lynch heads CUE for student entrepreneurs


A range of new technology innovation has been conjured by the finalists pitching at the CUE Grand Final for student entrepreneurs in Cambridge UK on May 15 (6pm to 9.30pm).

CleanTech and MedTech are prominent among the finalists for the Cambridge University Entrepreneurs event where Autonomy founder and Invoke Capital boss Dr Mike Lynch will be keynote speaker.

CamSES targets air purification in hospitals with a light-activated filter which the team claims is 10x better at removing organic pollutants and much more efficient at killing bacteria compared to current products.

LogSquared is being pitched as the world’s first clinical anesthesia brain monitor that translates a patient’s neurophysiology under sedation into a visual interface for easier and safer drug titration. 

ELVES Biotech is a specialty materials company, which offers high purity biodegradable polymers and precise release microspheres to medical device manufacturers.

OncoLinx is commercialising a propriety class of toxins, azonafides for use in antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). ADCs provide a novel way to treat cancer.

HandsOn is a social enterprise aiming to facilitate the delivery of low-cost, fully functional 3D-printed prosthetic hands to amputees in developing countries in a sustainable manner. 

Tomatoes in Africa’s pitch is: “Help the power by investing not donating, by creating jobs not giving handouts, by forcing on your impact not guilt. How? Through Tomatoes In Africa.”

SimPrints is developing a rugged, low-cost, portable fingerprint scanner that wirelessly syncs with mobile phones and integrates with existing mHealth applications, empowering health workers to link patients to their records anytime, anywhere.

myFit says it will fundamentally change the way people exercise. Consumers expect customisable solutions to fit their body types, training style and overall goals.

TopSet is an online tutoring platform helping tutors and students connect from across the world, arrange lessons, and carry them out via our state-of-the-art interactive online classroom.

Linked City Systems Limited will act as a global social enterprise offering an innovative mobile technological platform, advisory services, big data and sustainability/health strategies supporting cities in the process of securely connecting citizens with city authorities.

Recycling clothes has always been a priority in our sustainable lifestyle and we regularly use eBay to sell used items and buy new ones. Swapping clothes with the EcoSwap local community has come naturally as a simple, inexpensive and eco-friendly solution and – says the EcoSwap team – much more fun than eBay.

The keynote speakers are Mike Lynch, Mark Asseily (CEO & Founder, State) and Jon Bradford (Managing Director, TechStars).

Tickets are available through eventbrite

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