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  • Cambridge role in Singapore geospatial data venture

    Cambridge-based big data innovator GeoSpock is collaborating with the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) to drive large scale geospatial data processing... Read More

  • Aamir Khalid appointed Chief Executive of TWI

    Aamir Khalid will succeed Christoph Wiesner as the next Chief Executive of TWI. He will take over the role in February. Khalid has worked at TWI... Read More

  • FDA backs Acacia Pharma’s re-submission

    Acacia Pharma in Cambridge has won FDA approval for a key play in the US. The company, which is listed on the Euronext Brussels exchange, is... Read More

  • Speechmatics raises the bar for language accuracy

    Machine learning innovation from Cambridge speech technology trailblazer Speechmatics has produced next generation language, with improved accuracy... Read More

  • CyanConnode signs $4m licensing deal with Chinese partner

    CyanConnode, a world leader in narrowband radio frequency mesh networks, has signed a $4 million licensing agreement with Beijing Jingybeifang... Read More

  • Third Light helps Sixt to drive productivity

    Sixt, the world’s largest mobility fleet, is using Cambridge technology to boost its digital performance. With more than 250,000 cars in over 105... Read More

  • Bango launches data monetisation product for app developers and mobile operators

    Cambridge mobile commerce business Bango has unveiled a new money magnet – a product that increases user acquisition and revenues for app developers... Read More

  • Cambridge tech runs alongside Alexa on Freebox Delta

    audio analytic, artificial intelligence, ai, cambridge,

    AI sound technology from Audio Analytic in Cambridge runs alongside Amazon Alexa and OK Freebox in what is being described as the world’s most... Read More

  • GW Pharmaceuticals raises $345.2m development capital

    GW Pharmaceuticals, a Cambridge company going great guns in the US with its cannabis-based  products, has raised $345.23 million from a public... Read More

  • Ontix harnesses CCS technology for London project

    Cambridge Communication Systems (CCS) reveals that telecoms infrastructure provider Ontix has joined its lead customer programme for the introduction... Read More

  • UAE logistics giant takes Darktrace cyber solution

    Darktrace Cambridge

    Tristar, a major logistics provider in the United Arab Emirates, has deployed Cambridge company Darktrace’s AI-driven cyber defence technology to... Read More


    SWIM.AI was founded in 2015 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs to deliver ‘edge intelligence’ software by combining distributed edge computing,... Read More

  • OKRA

    OKRA is an artificial intelligence company that enables you to talk to your data, ask natural language questions and get evidence-based answers in... Read More

  • TTP Ventus

    TTP Ventus was spun-out of Cambridge-based technology product hothouse TTP plc in 2016. Its Disc Pump technology is enabling disruptive new... Read More

  • Timestrip

    Timestrip® designs and manufactures time and temperature indicators working in consultative partnerships with global brands, leading OEMs and product... Read More

  • Transversal

    Transversal is a pioneer and leading provider of cognitive knowledge solutions for the cloud.  Founded in 1998 by Cambridge University... Read More

  • Third Light

    Third Light is a software company that creates products to simplify the organisation and management of digital media files, or 'digital assets'.... Read More

  • TAB

    TAB's big data analytics and machine intelligence technology interprets billions of financial data points on the deals presented by thousands of... Read More

  • Spectral Edge

    Image processing firm, Spectral Edge combines cutting-edge imaging technology with machine learning to provide sharper pictures and videos on mass-... Read More

  • Spark EV

    Launched in 2017, Spark EV analyses live driver, vehicle and other data sources – such as the weather and congestion – using its advanced algorithms... Read More