Ones to Watch

  • 1Spatial

    1Spatial mapping

    1Spatial Group manages the world’s largest spatial Big Data and works with the users and creators of the largest geospatial databases, helping them... Read More

  • 42 Technology


    42 Technology is a technology innovation and product design and development consultancy specialising in creating products for consumer and business... Read More

  • 8power

    8power rix egan

    The startup, commercialising novel vibration energy harvesting technology developed by researchers from Cambridge University, has just launched the... Read More

  • Acacia Pharma

    Acacia Julian Gilbert

    Acacia Pharma is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialisation of new treatments for supportive care of... Read More

  • Adder Technology

    ADDER has established a strong position and reputation in its market, displaying consistent year on year growth

    Adder Technology designs and manufactures an advanced range of KVM switches, extenders and IP solutions which enable the reliable control of local,... Read More

  • Altacor


    Altacor is creating a leading European specialty ophthalmology company developing and marketing a portfolio of reprofiled, low-risk and/or orphan... Read More

  • Amino Communications

    Amino Technologies provides digital entertainment solutions for IPTV, Internet TV and in-home multimedia distribution and has made shrewd strategic... Read More

  • ApcinteX

    Trevor Baglin Apcintex

    ApcinteX Ltd is seeking to disrupt the $10 billion haemophilia market by developing a drug that can be used in all patients, regardless of the type... Read More


    Roger Coulston and Jing Zhang of AQDOT

    AQDOT is a young but diverse company requiring expertise in multiple fields including polymer chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, microfluidics,... Read More

  • Arcus Global

    Denis Kaminskiy and Lars Malmqvist

    Arcus Global was started by Lars Malmqvist and Denis Kaminskiy following their MBA at Cambridge. The enterprise started as a research project at... Read More

  • Arecor

    Arecor is transforming the delivery of biological therapies to improve patient experiences

    Unilever spin-out Arecor, was founded in 2007 on a revolutionary technology that enabled new and advanced solutions for enhancing the utility of... Read More

  • Argon Design

    Alan Scott

    Argon Design is a technology and product development partner that develops technologies and products for Fortune 500 and FTSE100 brands, and SMEs.... Read More

  • Arkessa


    Arkessa enables remote devices to operate, be monitored, managed and controlled as though they were connected directly to your desktop, tablet or... Read More

  • Audio Analytic

    Audio Analytic CEO, Dr Chris Mitchell

    Cambridge based Audio Analytic produces software that automatically recognises sounds by means of computer analysis. The CoreLogger™ sound... Read More

  • AudioTelligence

    AudioTelligence Robert Swann

    AudioTelligence is a spin-out company from CEDAR Audio Ltd (for nearly 30 years the world leader in audio restoration, dialogue noise suppression and... Read More

  • Augmentra


    Augmentra, a specialist in developing location-based mapping solutions for the non-urban environment, develops and markets ViewRanger, which... Read More

  • Avacta

    Avacta laboratory

    Avacta has developed Affimer® technology, an engineered alternative to antibodies. Based on a small protein, Affimer technology can be quickly... Read More

  • Aveillant (acquired by Thales)

    Aveillant offers Holographic Radar™ Solutions, primarily for Air Traffic Control around wind farms. When built in line of sight of an air traffic... Read More

  • Avita Medical

    Avita Medical RPU

    The company makes autologous cell harvesting devices for treatment of burns, chronic wounds and certain aesthetic conditions.  In arguably... Read More

  • Axol Bioscience

    axol bioscience, stem cell

    Axol provides access to human cells and related materials to help its customers quickly and effectively advance their research. The Nobel Prize... Read More