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The Killer 50

  • Agile Analog

    Tim Ramsdale Agile Analog

    In May 2019, Agile Analog – spearheaded by senior ex-Arm innovators – secured $5 million funding to expand its engineering team to serve a growing... Read More

  • Sano Genetics

    Patrick Short of Sano Genetics Casmbridge

    Cambridge startup Sano Genetics (formerly Heterogeneous) aims to enable large-scale genetic and medical research without sacrificing data privacy –... Read More

  • Cambridge Intelligence launches ReGraph for React developers

    Joe Parry Cambridge Intelligence

    Cambridge Intelligence has launched an early access program for ReGraph, a  new graph data visualisation toolkit. ReGraph is a React toolkit for... Read More

  • Summers a man with a Mission

    James Summers

    Mission Therapeutics in Cambridge, whose technology promises cures for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, has added fresh muscle to its board with... Read More

  • Global double whammy for fast-growing Arecor

    Sarah Howell of Arecor

    A global top 20 pharmaceutical giant is leveraging proprietary formulation technology from Arecor, the Chesterford Research Park-based company.... Read More

  • Closed Loop Medicine

    Closed Loop Medicine co-founders

    Closed Loop Medicine (CLM) helps doctors and healthcare providers deliver personalised treatment regimens.  CLM is a new breed of... Read More

  • Psyomics

    Psyomics  Sabine Bahn

    A Cambridge University spin-out, Psyomics is combining digital approaches with developments in biomarker technology to benefit those facing mental... Read More

  • PolyProx Therapeutics

    Professor Laura Itzhak of PolyProx Therapeutics

    A spin-out from the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Cambridge, PolyProx is based on over a decade of research and intellectual... Read More

  • Morphogen-IX

    Babraham Research Campus Old Hall

    Cambridge University spin-out, Morphogen-IX, is developing bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).... Read More

  • KisanHub

    KisanHub software platform

    KisanHub, based at the Future Business Centre in Cambridge, is a software as a solutions service focused towards the AgriTech sector. CEO Dr... Read More

  • Isogenica

    Isogenica at Chesterford Research Park

    Isogenica – based at Chesterford Research Park – is a leader in the design and construction of highly diverse synthetic antibody libraries and the... Read More

  • NodThera advances lead candidate and adds two big hitters to board

    Adam Keeney of NodThera

    NodThera, a Cambridge biotech company developing a new class of medicines that inhibit the NLRP3 inflammasome to treat chronic inflammation, has... Read More

  • Domainex helping to develop potential new heart drug

    Trevor Perrior of Domainex

    Domainex scientists in Cambridge, working with Professor Michael Schneider and his team at Imperial College, have found a potential new drug for... Read More

  • Mursla

    Tokyo Institute of Technology  spin-out, Mursla is developing a diagnostic device that leverages proprietary nanostructures to significantly... Read More


    Peter Baldwin has assembled a globally renowned team of experts with expertise in producing low power inference circuits and works with quoted businesses... Read More

  • Opus Materials Technologies

    In December 2017, Cambridge-based Opus Materials Technologies secured close to £1million in funding from Innovate UK to validate and test the... Read More

  • Intellegens

    Ben Pellegrini and Gareth Conduit

    Intellegens’ Alchemite™ artificial intelligence technology is the result of intensive research by CTO and co-founder Dr Gareth Conduit. Working at... Read More

  • Genestack

    Genestack in Cambridge

    Cambridge bio data management business Genestack has joined the Milner Therapeutics Institute – designed to create an ecosystem that fast tracks drug... Read More

  • Feedback Plc

    Dr Alastair Riddell

    Feedback’s products advance the work of radiologists, clinicians and medical researchers by improving workflows and giving unique insights into... Read More

  • Imagen

    Victor Christou

    Imagen is a Cambridge video content specialist whose clients include Formula One, The Premier League, World Tennis Association, BP and Reuters.... Read More