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20 February, 2019 - 12:58 By Kate Sweeney

UltraSoC extends on-chip analytics architecture for ML and AI

UltraSoC has extended its embedded analytics architecture, allowing designers and innovators to incorporate powerful data-driven features into their products in the booming age of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Developers in the automotive, storage and high performance computing industries can now integrate even more sophisticated hardware-based security, safety and performance tuning capabilities within their products. The Cambridge company says they will also reap substantial time-to-market and cost benefits by using UltraSoC in the system on chip development cycle.

The new features allow SoC designers to build on-chip monitoring and analytics systems with up to 65,000 elements, allowing seamless support for systems with many thousands of processors. Future iterations will allow even higher numbers of processors for Exascale systems.

The new UltraSoC architecture is capable of monitoring effectively unlimited numbers of the internal building blocks that make up the most complex SoC products – and to analyse the impact on system-level behaviour of the interactions between them. 

Such heterogeneous multicore chips are becoming increasingly common, particularly in enabling the artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies required in leading edge applications such as driverless cars.

Rupert Baines, CEO of the St John’s Innovation Centre-based business, said: “Our solutions are unique in the market in their ability to deal with multiple heterogeneous processors, standard and proprietary bus structures and even custom logic. 

“This dramatic extension of our architecture takes us even further ahead of traditional solutions – both in the debug and development arena, and in allowing our customers to incorporate in-life monitoring capabilities to ensure security, functional safety and real-world performance optimisation.”

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