4 August, 2011 - 09:39 By News Desk

Day 89 - Saying Goodbye but Holding on to #11

There’s no easy way to say it. We’ve had an intense, emotional, wonderful 13 weeks full of ups, downs, and surprises.

Whether it was Apiary.io getting its first sale, Hubflow returning from a successful client meeting, or MiniMonos getting their 200,000th and later 300,oooth user, we’ve celebrated together. And whether it was a shit day of feedback, an overwhelming email to do list, a tear-your-hair-out frustration or an exhausted-beyond-belief week, we’ve picked each other up off the floor.

So waking up the day after Investor Day, anticipating the teams’ imminent moves back to Newcastle, Lithuania, New Zealand, how could we possibly spend the final hours?

While some slept to recharge batteries, others popped awake bright and early, full of adrenaline from Friday’s ordeals. Kaila and Greg invited the early birds to join for coffee – I’ll confess my 5 hours of sleep left me in bed until 10am, so I didn’t quite manage. About a dozen of us met for lunch, and winding up back at La Mimosa we decided to re-enact the previous night’s dinner for anyone whose memory was hazy. My favourite part was thanking Dave for picking up the £500 tab the night before, and watching him sweat as he tried to find a receipt in his wallet. We were also amused by a PlayMob sticker left on the restaurant lamp, like breadcrumbs of our evening’s trail, and the waitress was only disappointed we left the monkey at home this time.

Re-enactments continued as we went punting in the afternoon for anyone who missed it on Friday. Visitors Petr Ocasek and Lukas Hudecek even brought a video camera onboard, filming an interview along the way to use for Czech Republic’s new accelerator StartupYard. It seems everything is better on a punt, eh?

By nightfall our numbers were dwindling, and I joined Julian and Marius for a final Springboard night at The Fez. Earning my third Fez stamp in four days, I was probably breaking all local health warnings but it was well worth it to enjoy the company. A 3am trip to Trailer of Life topped off my ‘Best of Springboard in Cambridge’ day of reliving.

The goodbyes didn’t get any easier, but they did get funnier. Rait told Jakub, ‘Let us know when you come to Estonia – hopefully we’re not there anymore…’ You can always count on Rait for a surprise laugh. I suppose I’d be concerned if it weren’t difficult to walk away, if we hadn’t celebrated and suffered together, if we hadn’t grown close in 3 months of madness. I’m trying to be thankful for all the good times, and look forward to seeing everyone in random adventures, future events, TV commercials, Forbes Magazine – we’ll be cheering for you guys all the way.

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