• Day 39 - Hitting a Limit

    'I can't take it anymore.' The beer cans surfaced at 5pm, but the office was already half empty by then. It's been a long week, or rather a long six weeks to be precise.... More

  • Day 37 - The Honeymoon Phase is Over

    Mike wasn’t the only one returning from honeymoon today. As teams are set free to focus on building this week, it turns out the transition is as stressful as it is... More

  • FutureTech Blog

    Will we ever get the information superhighway?

    Back in the days when networks and networking services were designed, built and operated by telcos (telecoms companies to those of you who don't live in IT) there was a great... More

  • Day 32 - Staying True to 'Chivalrous and Good'

    For some it was just another Friday, but for us it was the end of an era. Our final mentor week went out with a bang as our stellar lineup of Mentors 1.0 and 2.0 kept... More

  • Day 31 - We're Just Not that Into You... Yet.

    ‘You’re not interesting and none of your companies are interesting’. The warm greeting from Milo Yiannopoulos was well balanced with positive energy from PR guru Colette... More

  • Brand Aid Blog

    All change on the marketing merry-go-round!

    I’m old enough – though probably no wiser than ever I was – to have lived through some seriously business-life changing developments. I can remember being asked ‘what did we... More

  • Day 30 - Springboard Time Zone Defies Conventional Wisdom

    If time flies when you're having fun, well then I don't know what we're having. It was another great morning of mentors to mark our 30th day, one third of the way through... More

  • Day 29 - It All Boils Down to Chemistry

    Experience is helpful, but chemistry is powerful. It's our last week of Mentors 2.0 extravaganzas, so teams are trying to make the most of them after a long but not so... More

  • Day 28 - Guest Post: Validated Madness (Nick Grant)

    It’s a guest blog today from Nick Grant, a founder with a history of kitesurfing competitions and extreme sports - now that's validated madness to me! If I was offering a ‘... More

  • Cambridge Today Blog

    Time to recruit ‘grant police’

    The UK is awash with grant money, all funded from the pockets of the hard-pressed taxpayer. Millions and millions of pounds of it.The money is intended to stimulate... More