• Day 51 - Quiet but Alive and Well

    The office is suspiciously quiet. Those that are here are focused and in the zone, and those that are away are busy drumming up sales, partnerships, and a better... More

  • Day 49 - Beer Detox Leaves Some Smiling, Others Dismayed

    When it comes to pizza and beer, you may have noticed we are well fuelled. It was a chirpy morning with most well-rested from the weekend, and ourSpringboard Rap in hand to... More

  • Brand Aid Blog

    Brand leader - or Elvis lookalike?

    A brand is more than a badge. Simply changing the name of a product does not alter its essential content or character.I could change my name to Elvis and do a tribute act... More

  • Day 45 - Guest Post: The Springboard Rap (Tony Quested)

    We received an amazing surprise this week from Tony Quested at Business Weekly, who blew our socks off with this rap response to last weekend's poem. We have been loving this... More

  • FutureTech Blog

    Spreading the recessionary pain

    The UK recession continues but it is frustrating that we see such narrow journalistic coverage of it. We see figures on overall sales, and overall this or that. A lot of... More

  • Cambridge Today Blog

    Why the A14 debate is in a cul-de-sac

    It is a singularly unedifying sight to witness a cluster promoting itself as the innovation capital of Europe, flogging a dead horse as repeatedly and enthusiastically as... More

  • Day 39 - Hitting a Limit

    'I can't take it anymore.' The beer cans surfaced at 5pm, but the office was already half empty by then. It's been a long week, or rather a long six weeks to be precise.... More

  • Day 37 - The Honeymoon Phase is Over

    Mike wasn’t the only one returning from honeymoon today. As teams are set free to focus on building this week, it turns out the transition is as stressful as it is... More

  • FutureTech Blog

    Will we ever get the information superhighway?

    Back in the days when networks and networking services were designed, built and operated by telcos (telecoms companies to those of you who don't live in IT) there was a great... More

  • Day 32 - Staying True to 'Chivalrous and Good'

    For some it was just another Friday, but for us it was the end of an era. Our final mentor week went out with a bang as our stellar lineup of Mentors 1.0 and 2.0 kept... More