• Cambridge Today Blog

    Funding CleanTech innovation

    There’s a hole in the ozone layer. Pollution is killing the planet. We need cleaner, greener energy and it has to be paid for. While the taxpayer will undoubtedly pay... More

  • Why Apple’s Rivals Should Give Up Selling Tablets

    If I hear one more journalist coin the term, "iPad killer" I may have to surgically remove their fingers. Why? Allow me to paint a picture. Motorola's Xoom tablet, sold 440,... More

  • Cambridge Today Blog

    Overpaid, over sexed and over here?

    While it may appear that American high flyers are winging in at G-force to take out Cambridge’s tech top guns there is an element of optical illusion in the high-speed... More

  • Trade Talk Blog

    East Meets East Competition

    What are stereotypes if they’re not there to be smashed? We did a bit of that when my team of judges met to decide on the winners of UK Trade & Investment’s East Meets... More

  • Cambridge Today Blog

    World without frontiers

    As they have been turning on their taps since 2004, Cambridge householders will not have noticed any ‘Made in Hong Kong’ stickers on their sink tops. Cambridge Water was... More

  • FutureTech Blog

    Social networking and changing politics

    It was predictable that social networking would be used in coordination of the recent riots, and thankfully also the clean-up. Of course it was. People will use whatever... More

  • Brand Aid Blog

    The more I practice…

    What do you think might happen if you took all of the self-proclaimed social marketing or branding experts in our region and sealed them in a dark room (one can only dream!)... More

  • Brand Aid Blog

    Outdoor media goes out of this world

    The science fiction world of interactive advertising imagined in Stephen Spielberg’s film ‘Minority Report’ has taken a step nearer reality at Tesco’s virtual supermarket in... More

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    Punts, pints and plaudits

    The inaugural Springboard Cambridge programme ended with punts, pints and plaudits and as a show of sheer physical stamina combined with intellectual energy I am struggling... More

  • Day 89 - Saying Goodbye but Holding on to #11

    There’s no easy way to say it. We’ve had an intense, emotional, wonderful 13 weeks full of ups, downs, and surprises. Whether it was getting its first sale,... More