• Day 77 - Reason to Be Optimistic

    This time, teams knew what to expect. Annette returned to put pitching founders on the spot once again, helping mould their 5 minutes into clear and interesting stories.... More

  • Cambridge Today Blog

    Sainsbury should take lead role on Cambridge stage

    Given thespian Brian Blessed’s candidacy there may be a temptation to say that the election for the new Cambridge University Chancellor in the UK must produce a ‘Man For All... More

  • Day 72 - Trouble is Our Middle Name. Or Is It...?

    We're not your usual suspects. On the outside, Springboarders are an incredibly talented, determined, passionate, hardworking bunch. We smile, we say 'thank you', and we get... More

  • Brand Aid Blog

    I’m sorry Barbie, baby, but it’s time to grow up!

    Poor little Barbie, the ubiquitous Mattel toy, must be searching through her accessories for a miniature bottle of Valium right now. She who could once do no wrong is... More

  • Day 59 - Pitching: From Popcorn to Angels

    What began as pitches & popcorn ended with angels and VCs. Our pitching event with Cambridge Angels, Cambridge Capital Group, and Amadeus Capital finally arrived, and... More

  • Cambridge Today Blog

    On the side of the angels

    The Cambridge business scene is feted internationally for its world-class technology cluster yet its heavyweights on headcount and balance sheet are exclusively industrial... More

  • Brand Aid Blog

    You may not hear from me again…

    If I have to suffer another ‘how to get rich quick with (buzzword to go here)’ pitch it will definitely result in a “Geoffrey Bernard is unwell” type of situation.Instead of... More

  • FutureTech Blog

    Retail and Marketing Futures

    It is hard not to feel some sympathy with retailers at the moment, but the further future shows some potential for fighting back against the current webification as the... More

  • Day 58 - Thunder! Lightning! Sunshine!

    There is nothing subtle about the weather. The extremes this week are like the highs and lows of startup life. We must be in Britain or something… Monday was so hot we... More

  • Day 55 - Paul Dunn, We Have a Crush on You. Wow!

    'The only reason to give a talk is to change the world'. We were fortunate to have the world-changing Paul Dunn with us on Friday, as he journeyed from Birmingham (normally... More