• Cambridge Today Blog

    Time to recruit ‘grant police’

    The UK is awash with grant money, all funded from the pockets of the hard-pressed taxpayer. Millions and millions of pounds of it.The money is intended to stimulate... More

  • FutureTech Blog

    Google, Tungsten and chips everywhere

    With Google’s project Tungsten recently in the news, I thought I’d dig out a blog I wrote on a similar topic 11 years ago. As usual with the future, companies pick low... More

  • Day 24 - Amazon Day & Counting Chickens

    I never imagined using virtual chickens as a measure of influence. We were entertained by Amazon's Iain Gavin, who began by promising us a 16 hour PowerPoint presentation... More

  • Day 23 - Optimism, Team, and a Bit of Madness

    It was our earliest morning and our most lavish night. We prepared for an 8:30am start, and most people managed to stumble in on time. The early kick-off was absolutely well... More

  • Day 21 - Searching for Wisdom with Google Day

    Faced with tremendous uncertainty, searching for answers can seem futile. Insights, tools, and ideas are much more useful at this stage, and we were delighted to have Google... More

  • Day 18 - Great Mentors are Stronger than Coffee

    It took more than caffeine to keep everyone going today. As expected it was not a lively morning around the office, with sympathetic 'I know how you feel' glances exchanged... More

  • Day 17 - Work Hard. Play Hard. Work Harder.

    If we were in showbusiness, today would be a hard act to follow. Speed mentoring got off to an instantly good start, with teams gloating throughout the morning how great... More

  • Cambridge Today Blog

    Truth behind the crop circles

    Business Weekly can reveal the truth behind the mysterious outbreak of apparent crop circles on land between Cambridge and Peterborough in the last week. It is not alien... More

  • Day 15 - Taking Money Off People

    They were introduced as the best corporate you could meet, because 'all they care about is taking money off people'. Yes, we spent the day with PayPal and were particularly... More

  • FutureTech Blog

    Look after your data, or lose it

    The BBC has managed to recover much of the data from their Domesday project in 1986 and put it on the web. Back then, a mere 25 years ago, people were asked to document some... More