19 January, 2012 - 14:53 By News Desk

Out with the old?

I was sitting down at the weekend with a charming little ‘Vino Collapso’ (just to help with the creative process you understand) and my laptop to review a presentation on logo design that I’m due to give to an audience of SME’s in a couple of weeks and something struck me.

The fact that the same question is nearly always asked at the end of any of these presentations: “Why and when should companies/products re-brand?”

At a time of year when we are told in no uncertain terms that we should be taking stock of our lives, evaluating how we might improve and making New Years resolutions.

It’s only natural that this can spill over into our business lives and that we take a fresh look at our company image, messages etc. It is also inevitable that having decided that these things most definitely, positively need to be addressed; like most resolutions they will simply fade away, overtaken by the day to day operational ‘stuff’ that clogs up even the best business plans and can leave all but the most disciplined of leaders frustrated.

We’ve all been there, and whilst I most certainly don’t want to start recommending any sort of formula for business plan success (there are enough ‘gurus’ out there already!), I thought that it might be useful to review some of the key reasons that companies cite for image change.

• To revitalize an existing brand• To incorporate major changes in the product or service• To improve customer connection• If you feel you have lost touch or are failing to impress the people that you want to attract• If your competition has a better image• If your customers don’t easily recognise your brand or potential customers can’t work out what you stand for.

Ring any bells? There is, of course, a degree of cross-over even in this small selection of criteria and some of the above will apply to a greater or lesser extent to all companies as their markets evolve - no matter how on top of their branding (or their brand portfolio) they might be at the moment.

Lets face it, developing a brand is hard enough in itself without the opposition improving as well!

However, addressing even one of the above points with your team will, at least, enable a degree of ‘brand focus’ at the start of the year and can only help your business prospects for 2012.


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